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Default Re: Ex-sniper Chris Kyle spoke of legacy days before his death

Originally Posted by joec View Post
Sure I'm for helping a soldier that needs it for what ever reason. However the idea of taking them to a shooting range to work out their demons to me is a little strange. I've been where some of these guys are in my life but had the sense to get guns out of my home and reach till the problems had been brought under control completely. Lets me put it this way, you don't want to give a gun to a man that has anger management problems brought on by being in combat. They do pass over time with and some without professional help, but not all of us react war or violence the same.

Now the Wounded Warrior program is clear they don't accept donations from corporations, especially in the firearms industry as well as political or religious organizations which is clearly stated on their web page.

I can hear the screams now if they took money from a Muslim organization in this country while treating soldiers returning from fighting in that part of the world. You by the way would probably be the one screaming the loudest I would bet. Now I don't have a problem with them taking money from anyone personally, but that is their practice and their right. You know what rights are don't you, since you talk about them so much.
Everyone deals with their demons differently. Who's to say shooting at the range is never a good idea. There may be times and people that is a good option. Obviously not this time but who knows what led up to the decision to go or why a trip to the range was settled on as a good activity.

WWP has every right to turn down any donations it pleases. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing muslims donate to helping our soldiers who are after all fighting the loons that religion has promoted. I also have a right to donate or not. See how that right thing works?
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