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Default Cost of giving illegal immigrants path to citizenship could outweigh fiscal benefits

Any immigration reform plan that allows the roughly 11 million individuals now in the United States illegally to stay in the country would bring with it a mix of new revenues and increased costs. And as President Obama and a bipartisan group of senators separately press the issue this week, past studies suggest it is doubtful that the fiscal benefits of such policy changes would outweigh the costs.

By legally joining the workforce, the immigrants in question would generate additional and much-needed income tax but also would become eligible for a certain level of government assistance. Research shows creating a path to citizenship for so many illegal immigrants would result in significant costs to state, local and federal governments.

“This doesn’t make them bad people, but (lawmakers) should be honest with the public,” Steve Camarota, director of research for the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies, says. “Don’t sell them a bill of goods.”

While most studies, including one by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, have focused on the impact at the state and local levels, where most of the socials services for illegal immigrants are provided, Camarota has also looked at the impact on the federal government.

He estimated in an often-cited 2004 study that illegal immigrants paying taxes and getting access to such social services as Medicaid or food stamps would cost taxpayers $29 billion annually.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, he argued, the main reason illegal immigrants create a large deficit is not their heavy use of social services but their lack of education, which results in low-paying jobs and small income-tax contributions.

“On average, the costs that illegal households impose on federal coffers are less than half that of other households, but their tax payments are only one-fourth that of other households,” writes Camarota, in his 2004 study “The High Cost of Cheap Labor: Illegal Immigration and the Federal Budget.”

More recent studies of the fiscal benefits and costs of immigration reform are hard to come by, and the CBO study, too, dates back to 2007.

Even so, Camarota points outs that more recent data unmistakably show less-skilled and less-educated citizens have been hit hardest by the recent economic downturn and that the proposed legislation would put them in direct competition with illegal immigrants with similar qualifications.

“While it would be a mistake to think that every job taken by an illegal immigrant is a job lost by a native, it would also be a mistake to imagine that allowing illegal immigrants to stay permanently in their jobs has no impact on labor market outcomes for U.S.-born workers,” Camarota said last month.

Read more: Cost of giving illegal immigrants path to citizenship could outweigh fiscal benefits | Fox News
And you can bet your bottom dollar they will be lining up for every benefit they can get and then sit on their asses collecting government handouts while the rest of us pay through the nose.

Not only is this going to add to our welfare roles but putting 11 million + people into a health care system that is already over loaded because of the lack of doctors will drive up the cost of obamacare even more.
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