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Default Re: Deaf twins going blind are euthanized in Belgian hospital hospital

Originally Posted by 1069 View Post
Yes, how repulsive to decline to live deaf and blind.
So now terminally ill and catastrophically disabled patients who wish to end their lives are merely "uncomfortable"... kind of like women with unwanted pregnancies are merely "inconvenienced", right?
Get the hell out of other people's business. Weeping, creeping Christ.
Originally Posted by Segep View Post
Just because I think they made a crappy decision doesn't mean I don't think they have a right to make it.
It makes me sad, though.
makes me sad too Segep
Originally Posted by sky dancer View Post
They chose this.
You want to judge them? Take a walk in their shoes first.
They chose to die rather than be unable to communicate.
So you have the right to choose to have the state and drs kill you, and everyone should stay out of their business...

But it's not OK for people to choose to own Guns.
And it is OK to get into their business.
and people DON'T have a right to own guns.

But why are you judging gun owners? walk a mile in their shoes Dancer.

If i could find how the line of logic of how rights, gov't privileges and gov't protecting lives work for some people it might help.
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