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Default Re: Chicago lottery winner's death ruled a homicide

Originally Posted by catusfelidae View Post
That someone was murdered for their money? Probably very good.

That the money is question came from the lottery? Probably not so good.

This is why I don't have life insurance. I figure 'why tempt people'!

Mine just covers my burial, which I had set up with the Funeral Home, back in Indiana.
Beside my wife.

Yet I am double thinking this as her side of the family has gone cold on me sense soon after her death.

My dad and brother live here so in time I might just have it changed thru a Funeral Home here. It might be a lot higher in cost but less worries to deal with.

Besides her son which was a big part leading up to her death is a meth head, low brow, with a few screws lose.

So changing locations is worth it, as I see things.

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