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Default Re: Instead of gun control...

Originally Posted by sky dancer View Post
So you don't think ANY weapons/firearms should be restricted?
Lets just say that I don't think that we need more laws because I think it's an unending cycle of more restictive laws. Where would you stop it? I can't even get an answer about what the anti-gun group here (for lack of a better term) considers an assault weapon. I can't get a reply when I have shown that it is a fact that gun registration leads to confiscation.
You may notice that I have not posted in the abortion thread because I am a man and this does not directly affect me. I also have no medical training so I know little about the subject. I do know about firearms. Most of the anti-gun group know little about the subject and are not qualified to post. I am not saying that as an insult I am just stating it as I see it.
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