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Post Re: 3 NYPD officers shot in one-hour span in separate incidents

Originally Posted by lurch907 View Post
Nice try at twisting it around, but your analogy fails big time. Drunk driving endangers people and its illegal, shooting people endangers them and its illegal.
Would passing a one car a month law prevent drunk driving?
Would banning cars with high capacity gas tanks prevent drunk driving?
You're picking and choosing applications that I never had in mind, ignoring my actual point.

I would agree that "one gun a month" laws would be ineffective.

As for "high capacity gas tanks", it's not the size of the gas tank that poses a problem so the "analogy" attempt is wasted.
It's the BAC.
And YES. If we were to have a way to limit people's BAC absolutely before they could drive, that WOULD reduce drunk driving deaths.

Originally Posted by manitou
After all that crappy retort, you're still batting zero with me.
That's cause I'm trying for a battle of wits against the unarmed.

Quite frankly, I think you need to be less concerned over whether YOU can be convinced, and more concerned with whether or not your argument is convincing to others...

Originally Posted by manitou
Gun bans are not analogous to bans on drunk driving. They are analogous to bans on driving. PERIOD!
Oh yes.
Saying that you don't want to acknowledge the analogy "PERIOD!" certainly disproves my point....

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