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Default Re: MSNBC Caught Doctoring Clip From Romney/Ryan Rally

Originally Posted by faithful_servant View Post
And there you have the EXACT response that this POS story was intended to produce. CONGRATULATIONS MIKEYY!!! You not only bought into the story, but you decided to intentionally ignore the facts when they were handed to you on a silver platter and DECIDE to believe the lie.

<Where's that 42 sq/mile eye-rolling smiley when I really need it?>
Hold on to hope if you want to FS but seriously, this is just excuse after excuse. The candidate is a screw up. Other than beating the others on the right he has screwed up all the normal prerequisites. He screwed up his international coming out. The convention was flat. He tried to jump the gun a couple weeks back to get Obama on the attacks and he screwed that as well. He gets caught saying dumb stuff like the 47% comment. I find he seems to sound whiny and desperate when he speaks. But that's just me. I think you are stuck with a loser.
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