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Post Re: High Ranking DOJ Official Refuses to Affirm 1st Amendment Rights

Originally Posted by AzMike View Post
You shouldn't need a long answer to a yes or no question.
Most of us can understand complex thoughts.
Most of us can understand that it may be "yes" for some situations, and "no" for other situations.

WHY do you think the chairman was such a pansy about letting Perez finishing???
What was he afraid of?

Originally Posted by AzMike View Post
That's pretty much how the Constitution works.
You think so?
You are doing a poor job of avoiding everything I'm saying, but I'll keep trying.
Do you understand that there are forms of speech that are illegal?
Just because that form of speech could be aimed at a religion DOES NOT suddenly mean it should stop being illegal.

Originally Posted by AzMike View Post
Nice to see you want to work in some exceptions though. How obamaish of you.
How boring to see you lack the moral fortitude to discuss what the actual exceptions are...

But hey. Maybe you can cower from some other tough questions...
As I pointed out, I would never entertain or advance a proposal that criminalizes criticism against any religion.

Can you elaborate on what you think the significant exception I am setting up with that?
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