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Default Re: Atheist Billboard Quoting John F. Kennedy Goes Up in Lubbock, Texas

Originally Posted by Cato View Post
Thank you Xcali.

So, my original question to saltwn remains unanswered: "With which law made by Congress do you have an issue?"
Why do you assume I have an issue with law (except CU of course).
It is very important to vote for Democrats right now because they seems to be the only ones who understand the constitution.
If we had a stacked court a GOP presidency and both houses, we could wipe our windshields with what would be left of that valuable document.
We’re seeing this on multiple fronts. The aforementioned failure to ramp up testing, and the ongoing failure to get needed testing equipment to desperate governors, is compounded by Trump’s insistence on claiming that no such testing failure exists — or ever has.
Jeremy Konyndyk, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development
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