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Default Re: Atheist Billboard Quoting John F. Kennedy Goes Up in Lubbock, Texas

Originally Posted by faithful_servant View Post
You've never read both Danbury letters (the letter from the Danbury Baptist Church and the letter to it) in thier entirety. If you have, then you're being intentionally disingenous. The letters are not about the Church's involvement in the gov't, but the gov't's involvement in the church. That "wall" that Jefferson refers to is not a wall around the gov't keeping the church out, but a wall around the church, keeping the gov't out. Read BOTH letters and put that one sentence in context and it becomes clear what I'm saying.
Do you people on the right even know how to comprehend what is written?

It doesn't matter what the intent of the letters were or who sent them or who read what into what... THE POINT WAS that the Supreme Court Used that specific Letter to apply the term " wall of Separation between church and state."...... The Supreme Court has ruled.. that's all that matters.
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