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Default Re: Pull the plug on israel?

Originally Posted by Pretty Flamingo View Post
Nobody is saying either people are not 'whole.'

The arabs refused the land offered to them. The Jews accepted it.

At the moment with the size of Israel as it is it is apparently the size of New Jersey. Why can't the Jews be able to live in their own land which they have been driven from in the past, where there have been proof of Jewish habitation there from a couple or more thousand years ago, and which land has legally been reonstituted to them by the League of Nations.

The fact that people on various forums deny the Jews their LEGAL right to live in peace in their own land is so tragic it is almost laughable and really does show people's true colours.
Why can't the Palestinians have those same rights? Everything you say can also apply to them.

Why must it be so one sided, when we are dealing with real people here - not just stereotypical groups?

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