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Default Re: Catholic school teacher says she was fired over fertility treatments

Originally Posted by 1069 View Post
Well, I'm not the one advocating such tactics, am I?
I just said, I'd never have sex with a man anyway if he didn't respect my fundamental human rights, so it wouldn't make much difference if I announced that I would in the future be withholding sex from such men as a political protest, now would it?

I do think the "feminists/ Democrats/ Liberal women are ugly" routine is pretty weak, though; it was old in the late 1800s, when it was used against first wave feminists. It was fossilized by the 1960s, when it was dug up as ammunition against the women's libbers. Today, it's merely pathetic.
Good for you. My point - and it was just a little humorous sidebar - was going from a an isolated incident like the one in the OP to a broad general assertion like 'this proves pro-lifers are out to take away contraception, and withdraw women's rights' is silly.

OK, I pointed out just how silly by referencing the idiot who wants liberal women to withhold sex from conservative men, because basically the first problem in advocating such a proposal would be finding a conservative man who cared.
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