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Default Re: Does CNN want Riots for Ratings?

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
It seems (to me) that all the news orgs are culpable at this point but you know how CNN has 'breaking news' and it appears they are consciously agitating to get some more stuff going.
Like the news is no longer being reported but instigated by the journalists who can later claim "I was there from the beginning, even before the burning riots"
What say you?
Do you think specifically CNN is doing this on purpose?
CNN, isn't an ideological organization, per se. That is, they don't post a creed and have oaths, that sort of thing. So to say the CNN is doing something can be slightly inaccurate.

That said, I think that there are certainly people in positions of power and influence at CNN, perhaps many of them who very much are ideologically driven and would be satisfied on some level to see a riot, or a group of riots.

So, while CNN may not have a monolithic philosophy, it does seem to have a coherent and recognizable culture that requires chaos for self-validation.

Short answer: "pretty much, yeah."
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