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Default Re: Witness: Trayvon Martin Attacked Zimmerman

Originally Posted by MintJulep View Post
I just want all the facts on the table.

The media have downright lied showing a photo of a 12 year old over and over, when the reality is, Martin was a 6'3 football player with his head covered.

I am utterly disgusted by the disinformation and omitted info which the lynchmob media and their mob of savages have advanced. Now, the race pimps who brought us Tawanna Brawley and The Duke Lacrosse case are whipping up Kill Whitey rallies and sentiment.

Maybe it is only me who is this disgusted, but I have a feeling it isn't only me.
Every time you post this kid gets bigger. Soon he will be 8'6". It doesn't matter. He was a kid. He was minding his own business and this guy Zimmerman was looking for an excuse. He is guilty as can be. Despite you building him in to a monster and redd making him into a gangsta. It was a kid who went to the store during a break in the game to buy candy. Why is he dead. Because of Zimmerman. Case f*cking closed.
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