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Default Re: Department of Justice opens investigation into case of black teenager killed by..

Originally Posted by Comet View Post
Here is the skinny of the case. Zimmerman, who lives in a gated community, saw a black kid walking around. He followed him in his car while calling 911, claiming he was suspicious and up to no good. Turns out the teenager was visiting from Miami and walking to the store to get supplies for his brother.

The 911 operator told him to stop following him and that authorities were on the way. Apparently Mr. Zimmerman did not listen and, well no one knows what happened next except Zimmerman, who ended up shooting the teen and killing him. He is claiming self defense.

Turns out, Mr. Zimmerman has a history of calling 911 for suspicious people in his neighborhood. A big history. The news stated he has called 911 a lot, each time claiming there was someone suspicious and appeared to be up to no good. And in almost all cases, the individual turned out to be black.

Department of Justice opens investigation into case of black teenager killed by neighborhood watch captain

Read more: Department Of Justice Opens Investigation Into Case Of Black Teenager Killed By Neighborhood Watch Captain | Fox News

Quote from article: Prosecutors may not be able to charge Zimmerman because of changes to state law in 2005. Under the old law, people could use deadly force in self-defense only if they had tried to run away or otherwise avoid the danger.

As the saying goes, the Law is an ass.
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