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Default Re: After school shooting, prosecutor charges couple with letting boy, 8, take gun...

There are several tangential issues that come to mind. (I'm not making excuses for anyone, these are just musings.)

When I was about six, my parents took us to the woods and had us watch as they shot a steel can, which of course took a lot of damage. Then they looked at us, and said, "it'll do the same thing to you."

I never found any temptation after that to touch Dad's duns. He could have left his pistol on the kitchen table for a year, and it would have been in exactly the same position when he returned. Sometimes I think that kids play with guns because they don't really understand what they do.

Then again, kids here are accomplished hunters by age 8.

More people than our Urban friends might guess have fire arms ready to shoot in their cars.
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