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Default Re: In Protest, Democrats Zero In On Men's Reproductive Health

Where are you getting this passed on cost malarky, Malarky?

That's the stupidest thing that has been argued here. None of the buildings owned by the Jesuits even sells birth contraceptives. And the area of Md /DC's largest health system owns the hospital and the system accounts for 111 million dollars worth of payroll there, so I believe they could afford to take the hit.
But the argument is absurd.
It's about Catholics not wanting to allow access to a valuable and life saving, and quality of life preserving medication. This medication is covered all the time on insurance and has for 30 years or more.

Bottom line. All available choices for health care should be included or you don't receive tax dollars for grants in research or student loans, and you don't get to call yourself a health care provider. You do however reserve the title of 15th century religious quack.
A woman who is religious and does not wish to take birth control pills does not have to. Contraceptives do however have to be available for birth control and for the preventative therapies they provide.
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