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Default Re: Texas Axes Health Programs for Women

Originally Posted by 1069 View Post
Texas Axes Health Programs for Women

—By Kate Sheppard
| Fri Feb. 24, 2012

In the latest dispatch from the Republican war on Planned Parenthood, on Thursday the administration of Texas Gov. Rick Perry enacted a new rule banning state funds from going to any health center at all affiliated with anyone who offers abortions. The measure would effectively end the Women’s Health Program in the state, because federal law prohibits states from discriminating against specific providers in the allocation of Medicaid.

The Texas Tribune reports that the move bans Planned Parenthood clinics and other "affiliates of abortion providers" from taking part in the program:

The rule, signed by Commissioner Tom Suehs on Thursday, takes effect March 14. Unless some last-minute agreement is brokered, the program, which receives $9 in federal funds for every $1 in state funds, will be either phased out or cut off by the end of March. At least 130,000 poor Texas women will lose access to cancer screenings, well-woman exams and contraception.

In a statement, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richard said Perry has again "chosen politics over the lives of Texas women." This isn't the first time the Perry administration has cut women's health programs; last year, the governor and legislature axed two-thirds of the budget for those programs, as NPR reported in September.

Texas Axes Health Programs for Women | Mother Jones

One in four people in Texas lack medical insurance.
Texas also ranks 50th among all the states as far as pregnant women having access to prenatal care. Our teen pregnancy rate and infant and maternal mortality rates are among the top five in the nation.
And that transvaginal ultrasound bill that everybody was up in arms about in Virginia?
It went into effect here in Texas recently, without so much as a whimper.
Nobody cares, because, you know... it's Texas.
If women want to be treated like human beings, they shouldn't choose to live in Texas, the theory goes.
Nobody seems to recognize the fact that the poorest and most vulnerable women probably don't have much of a choice.
So basically any health center that is not at all affiliated with anyone who offers abortions will still get funding. Amazing how the left loves to accuse republicans of fear mongering. The thread title is a lie.
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