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Default Re: Romney speech coverage distorts reality

Originally Posted by MrLiberty View Post
Romney speech coverage distorts reality - Nolan Finley - The Detroit News

I am not a fan of Romney, but, for the media to misrepresent his event is beyond the pale.

Anyone in this day an age who still says there is no media bias on the left is whacked.
Why I watch CSpan. I watch the speeches sans the "coverage" editorializing. A liberal radio station I like doesn't do any better job than a conservative one I like in the mornings.
I take issue with some of his views-like I am not in favor of getting rid of Davis Bacon, some other things I like--plans to work with business instead of against them to get us back to work.
Before the outbreak of War in 1914, Europe had enjoyed nearly a century without a major conflict and had benefited greatly in the age of industrialization, as a result the entire continent had experienced unprecedented growth and prosperity the likes Europe had [n]ever seen.
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