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Default Re: Top 10 Most Dangerous Organizations

Originally Posted by Adept1 View Post

DO NOT TRUST the AARP. They do not necessarily do what is "right" for America's older folks. They have a definite liberal agenda and often do not suggest the best course of action to their members. They also tend to "market" to their members without consulting consumer reports. They will help to sell you anything that they can get a profit from.
Well yes and no...I've also heard the AARP being criticized for not taking a stronger stance in promoting national health care! Some say their agenda is liberal and others say they are conservative on some of the issues.One thing I do know is that the elderly vote far more consistently than our youth. The AARP definitely has clout! In a way..the AARP is a reflection of our society and political polarization. Their membership includes thousands of liberals and conservatives. Many are on a fixed income,including the conservative members,I think this is exactly why they joined...I have seen people change political parties on or about..the age of 62..

Yes..even conservatives go into "defensive" mode and join the AARP if they believe it will protect what remains in their ever shrinking wallet.Some people have always voted their pocketbook. In their earning years they voted conservatively. As their earnings declined in their later years,many jump ship,ideology takes second place when it comes to whats left in their wallets.
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