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Default Re: Dem's Cry of Incomplete Palin Vetting Will Backfire

Originally Posted by bhkad View Post
Dem's Cry of Incomplete Palin Vetting Will Backfire

Once Palin's every nook, cranny, kibble and bit has been explored and scrutinized and debated, what will remain in stark contrast will be those question marks about Barack Obama that he has refused to clear up.

I say that everything about Sarah Palin should, naturally, be laid out before the voters for all to see.

And then MAYBE the Obama supporters will call for the Junior Senator to FINALLY come clean.

It should not require THIS much wrangling to get Obama to tell the truth. Jeez! Just imagine how difficult it would be to have him tell us the truth if he were actually elected!
Why don't you save us your question and ask Obama? Maybe he will tell you. I don't know. And I don't care. And neither does anyone at this convention. Why don't you call Larry King. Or why don't you let McCain and Palin in on what you think you have learned?
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