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Default Savanna chimps exhibit human-like sharing behavior, anthropologists say

Savanna chimps exhibit human-like sharing behavior, anthropologists say

Sharing food has widely been considered by scholars as a defining characteristic of human behavior. But a new study by Iowa State University anthropology professor Jill Pruetz now reports that chimpanzees from her Fongoli research site in Senegal also frequently share food and hunting tools with other chimps.
The researchers document a frequency of sharing previously unreported for chimpanzees. The chimps commonly transferred meat and wild plant foods, but they also transferred tools, honey and soil. Most of the transfer behavior was classified as recovery or passive sharing, with females commonly taking food from males -- with much of that taking place from dominant to subordinate recipients.

It goes on to say that Chimps are social creatures and perhaps trading is done from male to female for mating purposes, but the point is that they freely give to each other to promote the general welfare of the group as a whole. Its quite interesting actually.
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