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Default Re: Getting aid to famine-stricken Somalia

Originally Posted by Comet View Post
Mlurp, do you feel that perhaps we should suspend most of our foreign aid until we get our deficit and debt under control?
As with a heck of a lot of everything else, ... But in a manner that doesn't sink the ship.

WASTE is involved in every govt. program and I believe they create it for a reason.

Every elected and department head should first take a pay cut, no if's ands or butts.
Stop all of our Wars and place the troops where they are needed to protect the homeland.
And IF jobs can be created let our troops and the very unemployed have and equal shot at them.

Only one area I know of where we should spend $ is our infrastructures and as this is so large take the near cheepest bids.

I could go on & on but you get the point. Now are you sure your question has everything to do with our part in feeding people that were dying of hunger?

Were we need to cut back on our foreign aid is not so much in aid in feeding as much as the very much more that is total waste we give out to far to many places.

Just bring up the budget used in our foreign aid programs.

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