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Default Re: You Are To Blame...

Originally Posted by lizzie View Post
Frankly, on a discussion forum, verbal assault is pretty subjective, as is judging the off-color nature of someone stating their opinions. We don't *know* each other, thus perception is everything. I don't really consider someone stating an opinion as "verbal assault".
It's about the language we use. If someone falls down the stairs and breaks their arm and another responds "that's so gay", they should understand that the words they selected are not exclusive to their intent. If the words are not exclusive to their intent, they shouldn't be shocked when someone demands clarification.

The same is true with tar baby and other terms with varied spotted history.
Continue that line of reasoning, Muffin... I'm judging you. Harshly.

You get the respect you give. And if you're a Republican, you b*tch about paybacks being a b*tch. So sorry you're mad your guy is getting the respect you gave ours, Snowflakes.
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