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Default Re: Forum Rules

New rule

When reposting someone's post to re-interpret what you believe they mean or simply giving your opinion by changing something, include the "strikethrough code" and make sure you write the word "fixed" (and not an abbreviation) so the members know you're not being malicious.
This was brought about recently because the intent isn't always obvious. Sometimes, intentional or not, a member will attempt to give their opinion by quoting another member's posts by making subtle or direct changes, but doesn't make that fact obvious enough to the rest of the members, who now think that a member posted something they didn't.

In order to alleviate that confusion, this rule has been instituted. Members MUST make the changes obvious in order to insure that there is no deceit going on.

Here is the "strikethrough code" used...

[strike ]text struck[/strike ]

If you remove the spaces after the "e" in both occurrences of the word "strike", it code makes the words look like this...

text struck
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