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Default Re: David Brooks will soon be an ex Conservative columnist

That was an excellent article by Mr. Brooks and it pretty much sums up how moderate voters are feeling toward the Republicans. Being a Republican myself, I have a hard time with the way my party has been infected by an ideological extremism that has wound its way through every plank on the platform. It seems that the Republican party espouses small government principles until it comes to one of their pet social issues...then it's all about expanding government to make sure that their morality is enforced. Fiscal responsibility is only paid lip service and the true aims of the party, lately, have been to posture and hold hostage any inititiative by the President by making unruly demands with no spirit of compromise.

Fact of the matter is, my fellow Republicans, no one gives a damned about your social agenda or your moral disapproval. There isn't a single small government idea about pushing someone like Bachmann as the party darling when you have great candidates like Ron Paul, a true conservative, and Mitt Romney, who could bring in the moderate majority.

Fiscal responsibility is getting the bills paid on their due date and not staining this country with bad credit over some insignificant ideological battle with the opposition party. It's going to take some minor tax increases to get a deal pushed through and if Obama wants to repeal his own tax break for corporate jets, let him do it. It's insignificant in the long run.

And you're going to cost us another election if you keep it up. I am already so disgusted, I may vote democrat for President for the first time in my life just because I can't stand the idea of power going to the hands of a bunch of grumpy old men acting like spoiled little brats.
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