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Default Re: David Brooks will soon be an ex Conservative columnist

Originally Posted by pjohns View Post
(1) I do not believe it is a calumny to refer to David Brooks as an ex-conservative, anymore than it would be to ferer to Garry Wills in the same way.

(2) The article, rather predictably, speaks in the antiseptic wording of "revenue increases"--not higher taxes.

(3) If an agreement is not reached by August 2, there will be no immediate "default" upon our debt. This will be a chance for government to prioritize, and payback our creditors first.
That comes from a fantastic analysis of the situation.
The worry (and it is a quite reasonable one, in my opinion) is that the Democrats will do all they can to cause as much pain as possible--perhaps by shutting down the meat industry, through the temporary elimination of meat inspections; or even by postponing of the delivery of Social Security checks--so as to be able to demonize Those Mean and Heartless Republicans...
Actually stupid would be more to the point. Their brains have fallen by the wayside here and the American people will suffer greatly for this error.
closing tax loop holes in exchange for drastic cuts. It IS a no brainer.
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