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Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
Had no thoyught of where they were made. hmph Well I hope there's a peace time function for them or they can be modified.
"Robo cop"?
This Nation if the MIlitary has a say will never stop with the battles, Wars or helping our allies (which many are socialist), like the few Obama visited when Libya started and he sent our Navy and Air Foce to enforce the no fly zone.

Or out right dictators, like a few of our allies in the M.E. and S.E. Asia..

Which I believe he did for show with Venezuela, in the vists south of our boarders.

And our best allie in the entire M.E. Israel, he about spits on at times. Mind games with a very serious, determined allie which BTW is a total DEMOCRACY, unlike most of our allies in the region.

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