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Default Re: If we can't keep drugs out of the prisons, how can we keep them out of the countr

It is greed, of course, but when the source of the ill-gotten gains is some unregulated illegal product or the cash from it, it is totally uncontrolled. Really, it is hard to take it seriously on some level as it seems to fliy under the moral radar or something.

Better to control pot, at least, as a legal substance. I think controlled regulated cannabis will unravel 90%, at least, of the criminal underworld drug trade. Not to mention the taxes gained. I love taxes like this! Legality removes the profit from smuggling whether into the country or into the prisons. Freely available cannabis in the prisons coupled with good music, would keep a lot of the prisoners much more relaxed, relieve their aches and pains and generally help them mellow out, as it does for most people who use it. The prison employees can switch to green about growing the finest strains of pot in those big prison compounds? The $1,000 a gram and up, pot?

The son-in-law of one of my friends just got his AZ growers card.....Congress is introducing several cannabis bills, one of them is to legalize cannabis....Maybe things are changing....
The holdings of the rich are not legitimate if they are acquired through competition from which others are excluded, and made possible by laws that are shaped by the rich for the benefit of the rich. In these ways, economic inequality can undermine the conditions of its own legitimacy.
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