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Default Re: SEALs are standing taller after secret raid

Originally Posted by MrLiberty View Post
SEALs are standing taller after secret raid - Washington Times

A great big thank you has to go out to the Bush administrations foresight into expanding our military and training specialized teams for just this kind of work. Had we listened to the liberals and cut military spending this raid never would have happened.

Talk about sticking in someones craw, I think this will do it to liberals.
Why thank the Retard? he let Usama go. And check your history, it was Cheney that downsized and privatized the military as Sec. of Defense under Poppa bush, Clinton went along with very bad advice from his predesessors and continued the downsizing. so in fact Bush just returned what cheney had taken away. No thanks given.

My craw feels fine.
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