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Default Zimbabwe Charges 45 with Treason for Watching Egypt Coverage, Arrests Facebook User

Zimbabwe Charges 45 with Treason for Watching Egypt Coverage, Arrests Facebook User

Zimbabwe tends to remain out of the media spotlight, despite having one of the worst and most enduring dictatorships in the world. One of the reasons for this invisibility is that its resident tinhorn, Robert Mugabe, has outlawed independent domestic media and refused to allow international media in.
But people have a passion for news and that passion has gotten 45 Zimbabweans arrested and charged with treason in the southern African country. Their crime is having watched DVDs of recorded news coverage of the uprising in Egypt.
Facebook User Arrested

Despite a lack of penetration of online media in Zimbabwe, the country has had bloggers and groups that used blogs and other social media to report on the government's war against the poor squatters who set up shantytowns in the country's larger cities.
Zimbabwe Charges 45 with Treason for Watching Egypt Coverage, Arrests Facebook User
Now, Vikas Mavhudzi has become the first Zimbabwean Facebook user to be arrested. Also earlier this month, Mavhudzi left a comment on the Facebook account of Morgan Tsvangirai and was arrested for "subverting a constitutional government," according to SW Radio Africa.
Oh you old boogie man. You can't shut out the light now. Try as you might the rays will shoot through to penetrate your slimy darkness.

The world is on fire--on fire for freedom. And that greatest of devices since the Gutenberg invention has created the spark. That device of course being the Internet.

Thank you, Vannevar Bush, Tim Berners-Lee, Vinton Cerf, J.C.R. Licklider, Albert Gore Jr., Lawrence G. Roberts and Thomas Merrill, and all those I forgot to mention, for making these revolutions possible.

For without your expertise, dreams and behind the scenes help, none of the hope we see today for Africa and the ME would have been possible.

You were/are the true heroes of our time.
A great time to be witnessing history!
Dear fundamentalist Christian Trump supporters: If Obama had held the Bible backwards and upside down, you would immediately have called him the Antichrist.
Stephen King (tweet)
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