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Default Re: Seattle-Area Restaurant Refuses To Serve TSA Agents

Originally Posted by Kings_Knight View Post
This is, for a while, still a 97% free country ... that said, the restaurant owner has the RIGHT to run his PRIVATE business as he sees fit.

Remember signs like this ... ?

"We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone."

or ...

"No shirt / No shoes / No service" ... ?

The TSA agents have, by their treatment of the flying public, made this owner's response logical.

If they don't like it, they'll take their revenge when they group-grope his scrotum next time he flies ...
My thoughts exactly....

"Sir, could you step over here, we need to do a pat down."
<2 minutes and a couple of hard squeezes later>
"Sir, if you could stand up and follow us. We need to do a more thorough search of your person. Please remove your clothes, bend over and RELAX."
<15 minutes and the world's coldest speculum later>
"Sir, you're good to go. No issues at all. By the way, my brother works as a TSA agent at the airport where you're transferring at, I'll let him know you're coming so that he make sure that you get the best handling available."
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