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Default Re: Iraqi defector admits lying about WMD

Originally Posted by Mikeyy View Post
Why would you say that after I just wrote that I don't hate Bush. I said he was a dolt. He trusted Cheney.
My post wasn't directed at you, it was directed to the person I quoted.

But since you bring it up, I'll be glad to address the baseless speculations and glaring falsehood in you post also:

Originally Posted by Mikeyy View Post
What happens is the supporters will say that that is not why we went to war. They will change to saying it was because he had violated U.N. resoulutions or some other story.
Actually, supporters like myself say things you probably never even thought of before... We call those things "the facts".

Those facts are, that with the support of the senate, the congress, and the majority of the American people, we decided to take military action against Iraq. That support was based on a wide range of published intelligence reports from the CIA and the US intelligence community, along with reports from half a dozen other intelligence agencies over seas. That support didn't hinge on the claims of curveball or any other single aspect of the published intelligence.

The fact he violated UN resolutions had nothing to do with domestic support for the invasion. All that did was give us international justification.

In the end the administration knew they were lying. I think the guy behind all of this was Cheney. I think Bush trusted his judgement. Bush trusted the wrong folks too long. Rummy did a bad job and it took forever for him to dump the guy. He was a bad leader. Not a terrible guy like Cheney but a dolt.
That's an absolutely baseless and completely unsupported accusation, that contradicts every single credible investigation that's ever taken place.

To put it bluntly, it's 100% partisan bull**** that has no basis in fact.
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