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Default Re: Chavez is Destroying Venezuela’s Economy

Originally Posted by WallyWager View Post

Why don't you try telling us how they're similar.

Did Obama gain 40 pounds whilst in office? No. OK
Did Obama demonize having wealth whilst living a life of luxury? No. Yes, no doubt about it.

Did Obama run the economy into the ground? No. So far it is barely hanging on. He sure doesn't have it gaining ground.
Is the economy crashing? No. Again, it's not doing any great leaps right now and the signs are pointing to not great days ahead.
Did Obama's economy policy put us at at 30% unemployment? Are we anywhere near 30%? No. We are currently at 18% real unemployment, if we get much higher the above questions will become yes answers.
Do we have rampant inflation thanks to Obama? Do we have rampant inflation at all? No. Yes we do actually, the government measurement for inflation removed food and energy costs from the indicators last year, add those in and you get closer numbers. Or you could look at your own expense spreadsheet for the real answer. Wait until this summer, **** gonna get expensive yo.
Is Obama as the article says about Chavez "a full-fledged autocrat."? No. Not for a lack of trying.

Is Obama a socialist/communist/Marxist? No. Yes, Maybe, Yes.
Did Obama forcibly nationalize the oil industry? Is he trying? No. Not enough power to do that right now. So instead he just illegally shut down drilling, was ruled against in court but did it anyway and now is in contempt. But doesn't seem to care about that.
Did Obama forcibly nationalize the food industry? Is he trying? No. Apparently that is going to be his wifes job.
Do we have a state-run media like Venezuela? No. Damn close, If not for Fox this would be a yes.
Did Obama revoke a broadcasting license from a TV network for criticizing him? No. Come on you know he would pull the plug on Fox if he could.
Do I need to go on? No. It's ok, I will continue on my own.
Is the very idea that you think you can honestly compare President Obama to Hugo Chavez ludicrous? Yes.
End runs around the process to get what he wants. Carbon, send it to the EPA. Net Neutrality, send it to the FCC...See a pattern here?
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