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Default Re: Report: 97 percent of scientists say man-made climate change is real

I find the science of global climate change to be ineresting though difficult to understand due to the different specialties I have no knowledge of and, I strongly suspect ID, you do not either.

One interesting thing I notice in your poking fun at Hansen is he illustrates what is good about science: when the results don't fit the predictions, the theory is modified in accordance with new data. That is how science is supposed to work. That seems to be what Hansen is doing. It's impossible to know how many things affect climate and there may well be things we don't know about that are affecting temperatures. I think most scientists agree that the climate is changing due to a number of factors which include human activity. The "skeptics" seem to want to exclude human activity from consideration.

When I look at some of these sources - I have to ask: what are their qualifications? Who are they? Do they know the science or do they just sound good?

Not all sources are equal and I am more likely to take the word of someone with credentials in the associated sciences than I am from some internet sourcde I've never heard of.

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