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Default Re: Report: 97 percent of scientists say man-made climate change is real

Trust me, I'm fully aware of both sides of the argument. For example I've seen those "How to argue with a global warming skeptic" things many times. There was an even better one that came out last year. It was called Top 100 things global warming skeptics are wrong about, or something like that. Hell, I showed you where to find the opposing argument to what you're bitching about above.

But let's look at the one you found at the global warming alarmist site Grist for a sec. Here's the graph.

Notice the observed temperatures end in 1998? 1998 was the year of the super El Nino. It's the year global temperatures peaked. Now imagine the straight horizontal line of the plateau we talked about previously which occurred after 1998. Imagine it going straight into 2010. How's your scenario B doing now?

Also complaining about not mentioning Hansen's backup scenario's years later does not catch the full flavor of what actually happened 1988.

For example here's how they set up the background for Hansen's predictions of doom at the 1988 hearing. (Notice the big poop-eating grin on the Senator's face. He thinks creating a lie is soooooo smart).

OK, so what was Hansen actually trying to tell the world around that time?

Here's a link to an actual newspaper article from 1986.

The Past Is The Key To The Future | Real Science

Here's a quote from what's said there.

Hansen predicted the temperatures should be nearly 2 degrees higher in 20 years "which is about the warmest the world has been in 100,000 years".
If you look again at your graph from your "How to argue with a global warming skeptic" article the temperature rise has only been about .2 of a degree since the time of the prophesy until today - 24 years later - not a full 2 degrees in just 20 years.

So you see Hansen may very well have had himself some back up prophecies, not quite so hysterical back in 88, but the hysterical ones were the ones he was peddling.

Don't believe me yet? Here's some more predictions from the prophet of doom back in 86 which never came to pass.

James Hansen 1986: Within 15 Years Temps Will be Hotter Than Past 100,000 Years. | hauntingthelibrary

Oh, and you say you don't want to talk about the NASA scientist's magical temperature adjustments. What the Hell, let's do it anyway.

Here's an introductory...

Painting by numbers: NASA's peculiar thermometer ? The Register

But let's be honest, you're not going to read it. You only want to hear one side. Oh well...look at the pretty picture.

I'll close by showing you what Jimmy's up to today.

Did someone say biased? James Hansen Spending His Time Helping Prepare Law Suits Against His Own Government | hauntingthelibrary

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