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Default Re: WikiLeaks Ready to Release Giant 'Insurance' File if Shut Down

There are competing values on this issue that make it at least initially to swallow.

We would like to believe that our nation isn't involved in covert activities. We would like to believe that we are the shining example of clean government and fair relations. We would like to believe that such conduct would inspire the same conduct around the world. This is of course a goal we should strive for over time, but it is an idealistic goal.

We do not live in idealistic times. We cannot trust others to conduct themselves in fair dealings. We cannot trust ourselves to conduct fair dealings. The very idea of secrecy in matters of national security is born out of paranoia (generally justified) and preparedness.

While I would love to read all of the goings on, I think it would be safer to allow those we have charged with our protection to do their job.

Armchair quarterbacking on matters of national security is a dangerous game.
Continue that line of reasoning, Muffin... I'm judging you. Harshly.

You get the respect you give. And if you're a Republican, you b*tch about paybacks being a b*tch. So sorry you're mad your guy is getting the respect you gave ours, Snowflakes.
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