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Default Re: WikiLeaks Ready to Release Giant 'Insurance' File if Shut Down

Originally Posted by rivrrat View Post
No, I believe that WE have that right as a nation of people that our government represents. And without information as to what in the ****ing hell our government is ACTUALLY doing, we the people cannot make informed decisions about who we want representing us. Our government is built on lies and coverups and it's long since been time for that to change. In the end, the lies and the coverups hurt US. So yes, we DO have the right to know what in the ****ing hell our employees are doing and saying on our behalf. Anyone who thinks otherwise has fallen victim to blindly following authority.

Maybe YOU blindly believe that everything our government does is good and just and truthful. But I do not. Why? Because they've proven time and again the opposite. They've proven time and again that they lie, lie, and then lie some more and will continue to do so as long as they can get away with it. It's time we - their employers - call them on their bull****.
Well I'm sorry to see you don't get it. You think things would be better everything ever done was known to all in all aspects. That's both childish in it's scope and foolhardy in it's execution. They are NOT your employees, they are employees of the Federal Gov't whom you elect managers (Congressman, Senator's and President) to over see them. If you have a problem with things, it's THERE that you fix it, not with "knowing everything the Gov't does".

No Gov't in the history of the world has ever operated that way, no Gov't COULD operate that way.

While I share your cynicism of Gov't as a general rule, I also understand that there is a way the world works, a way it should work and the two don't always match. Knowing how and where to fix the problem is the difference between wisdom and maturity versus the petulant cried of a child.

The Wikileaks founder, and those that support him are of the latter.
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