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Default Re: WikiLeaks Ready to Release Giant 'Insurance' File if Shut Down

Originally Posted by rivrrat View Post
Okay, looked into it. And all of those facilities were public knowledge. They were not secret, hidden facilities. The only thing Wikileaks "revealed" is that the US considers them important. Sorry, don't see the issue there.

However, I also don't see the importance of releasing that information. It falls into the "who gives a ****" pile of info. No lies revealed. The info neither helps, nor hurts.
Yes again you grasp for a position that is both logical and defensible. While none of these were "secret" locations, their importance to the US Gov't and the US infrastructure range from known to "what? That's important". It is a target list for those who seek to harm our interests.

But you'll never admit that, it would require intellectual honesty.
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