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Default Public schools vs home vs private

I was a product of public schools of the 60's and early 70's, when kids in the US were still being well-educated in comparison to kids in other countries. When I was raising children, the public schools seemed to do an *adequate* job, but I was starting to see some heavy influence of social-type workers in the schools, and teachers/principals who were reluctant to call parents when their child was being problematic in some way. This was in the late 80's nd 90's when children were still relatively well-mannered and there were few "problem children", and these were usually handled by parents with some school intervention. It seems that now, unruly kids are the norm, and respect for one another is not expected, nor demanded, either by school officials and teachers, or by parents. I think I heard a week or two ago, that the high school drop-out rate in public schools is hovering above 25%, and up towards 33% in some areas of the country.

I have a couple of friends in my age range who home-schooled their children in the 90's and early 2000's, and I have several younger friends who currently home-school their children. All have had great success, and their children normally go on to college, usually well-ahead of their same-age peers, and become well-adjusted working members of society. I don't know anyone personally who sends their children to private schools, but I know a couple of private school teachers who report much fewer behavioral problems than we see in public schools currently.

If I were now raising children, I think my tendency would be to send my children to private schools- probably religious ones, even if I had to give up other important (though not critical) things in my life for the time being. I don't have the inclination to teach children, and I don't think I would be good at it, either with my own, or with others' children. What I'm seeing with home-schooled children is that they seem to learn very well in an informal environment when they have a consistent and loving authority figure, and I'm wondering if some of the deterioration we see in the public schools is related to children not having any respect for adults in general- teachers in specific.

To me, it seems the most basic problem with education in America currently is that children can't control their impulses, and concede their own immediate desires to someone else. Am I mistaking what I am seeing?

Is anyone here currently dealing with their own children or grandchildren and the education they are getting, or is my viewpoint just limited by my own age and past experience?
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