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Default Re: Chew on this for a while......silly democrats!

I think Adept1 made a ffew good points, although wrapped up in republican wrapping paper.

Everyone does get their jobs from the rich, like it or not. The homeless guy I gave a sandwich to today, did not give me my job. Lower class people may consume the product, but without the upper class the product would not be there for me to distribute.

I think that rich people are the primary buyers of pickup trucks, which is why more and more come with all the bells and whistles that sedans come with... working class guys will never buy the truck with leather seats and tush warmers... or a navigation system, or DVD player... not as a "work truck"... this is why the Escalade/Avalanch are the best selling truck bodies in America.

The people who give the most to charity are rich. Now, they may not give the largest percentage of their income, but reality says that their $1000 donation(even if only a small amount of their wealth) is worth more than my $50 donation(even if it means I walk to work)

On another note, I think swallowing ANY political propaganda and labeling is just an excuse to not think. This is why I am neither republican or democrat... because the reality is I am not yet ready to swallow the bull**** that either side stuffs in with its sugar.

I also think that this symbol: is perverted
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