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Default Re: A Clear Explaination of Islamis Intentions

Originally Posted by Oftencold View Post
I believe that you probalby meant to express the thought that "you couldn't care less." This is a common, but somewhat incomprehensible grammatical gaff.

However, there is an interesting issue, which we shall explore.

By responding, you have indicated a possibly small, but still necessarily positive amount of care. This begs the question, "are you incapable of caring less because of some limitation of the will, or some other factor which make reduction of interest beyond the scope of success?"

We shall have to ponder this.
By responding I'm actually telling you if you have an issue complain to someone who cares. You can beg all you like, or go off on some hyper-partisan rant like you usually do, so knock yourself out. I came to the conclusion a long time ago that you're FOS, but that's just me.
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