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Default Re: False prophets, Jehovah Witnesses....

Originally Posted by jlarsen View Post
Oh, they aren't all that unhappy. I imagine most people grow up to resent at least some aspect of whatever religious nonsense their parents tried to indoctrinate them into, or at the very least wonder what fun they could have had on a sunday morning if they weren't sitting in some hard-a$$ pew listening to some preacher drone on about a some fairy-tale nonsense.

Anyway, the name Russell and the term Millerite are familiar, and I recognize them as part of JW history, but I don't remember many of the specifics - probably what was being discussed when I was sleeping.

Taz and Judge don't ring a bell, but I think one can go back even farther than Russell and Miller in JW history, if I'm not mistaken. A close friend of mine (and fellow former childhood JW indoctrinee) was showing me more about it online some months back, but I let most of it go out the opposite ear it came in through.

I forget the man's name, but he predated Russell, not exactly credited with starting JWs, but maybe the larger branch of the religion tree upon which it resides. Millerites were mentioned, but I think there was something farther back than that which started the whole thing off.
Millerite was a movement that Charles Taz Russell was a part of orginially...... The 7th day adventists & many other came about through this movement..........

I am pretty sure no one came before Charles Taz Russell in the "society" he was the founder....... he started the magazine etc........ The Judge is Judge Rutherford the #2 guy that took over when Russell died.........

While he kept many of the same kooky ideas he made some changes & continued the world is gonna end in 19XX etc...........

After his death is when they instituted the 12 apostles idea w/ no one man in control......
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