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Default Re: We sure could use a little GOOD news today!

You won't find a news story on this, but it is still good news.

A few months back, my youngest child decided to reduce her college class load to part time. Doing so, meant that she no longer qualified for medical benefits under my company sponsored health care program.
A few days ago, she cracked a tooth. The dentist told her it was $1250 to fix it. Of course, as a student and part time employee, she doesn't have an extra $1250 laying around, and she told the dentist that.
I told my daughter that since she was the one that opted to lose her insurance I wasn't going to pay for it. One of those "tough-love" lessons us common folk live.
Friday, the dentist called her and told her to scrape together what ever she could afford and he would do the work for whatever monies she could come up with. I'd say another life lesson was learned --- about charity, compassion and relationship.
After the dental work is done I'm going to visit the dentist and pay his lost income. He deserves it.
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