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Default Re: No U.S. Flag in Haiti

Originally Posted by Gordon Shumway View Post
The Obama Apology Tour Continues: No U.S. Flag in Haiti | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

I'm wondering if France, Britain & Croatia are giving Haiti the wrong idea?
Are they there as an occupying force?

Absence of U.S. flag in Haiti sparks controversy -

Why would it be necessary to "change" anyone's mind about anything?
Are other countries with their flags flying worried about changing anyone's mind?
Do they fear being seen as an occupying force?

If American's are serving abroad; whether it be the military or relief volunteers & we set up camp; fly the American flag & not worry about what others think --- because as Don Hollenbaugh states: " not flying the flag, we're not changing anyone's mind about anything."
Again this man disrespects what this country stands for, our involvement in world matters and disasters is not about "occupation" but a presence that is felt (not so happily in some places) the world over.

If you don't believe in what this country stands for, then step down. Do not continue to disrespect it's citizens, volunteers and military by denying who we are. For once, be PROUD of our involvement, dammit.
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