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Default Re: Why one Muslim girl became a born-again virgin for her wedding night

Here's the whole thing of 'virgin/chastity' of the female...

It has more to do with the man's ego, rather then anything to do with whether or not children born after the marriage is his. In fact, the idea of a virgin bride, does not guarentee in the least that she will remain chaste/pure or that children born afterwards is the husband's...

The fact is and remains to this day, that the idea of a virgin bride is to give the man the first taste of 'virgin soil'...For his ego to be made more sure, by being the first one to 'conquer a land that no man has been to' and the bride's virginity is his 'prize of conquering'.

And that is why, even in today's Western culture, that men are rewarded for sexual conquests and women are punished for being 'the conquered'...And the reason for the term 'War of the Sexes'...Because men want and expect to be the victors while women remain the 'prizes'. It's also why society rewards the man for being premiscious while punishing the woman for doing so herself.
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