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Default Re: Why one Muslim girl became a born-again virgin for her wedding night

Originally Posted by AlicornsPrayer View Post
Where's the double standard? Any of those choices, it's solely the woman who gets blamed and treated poorly by society...

Do you know what you just said? You just gave the double standard.....

While the man, irregardless of what the woman chooses to do, gets clapped on the back for 'being a man's man', and can easily evade having any responsibility or punishment...

What punishment should there be? You can't punish having sex can you? A man has no responsibility since his physical contribution stops right at the orgasm. Again, the woman is screwed...literally and figuratively.

Heck, the man can be the one to push for the abortion and society doesn't think twice about it...But if the woman goes through with it, society calls her the killer...If she doesn't go through with it, she's trying to 'trap the man into a relationship' or 'is doing it cause she's money hungry and wants child support' from the man...

And again, you have shown why the woman should really make sure she knows the man who she is sleeping with. It's easy to bitch about a problem, but solving them is the part that might actually hurt. And most of the men that drop kids all over town aren't worried about monetary "punishment" and you can't jail a guy for a bunch of women letting him "tap dat ass".

The man is treated as the victim throughout the whole thing and given hero worship. While the woman is the one treated like dirt and is blamed for the man's actions?

Unless she was raped, it was both of their actions. And unless she's an idiot and didn't know the ramifications, the woman IS more guilty than the man. Again, the biology is simple.

Men have the freedom to create as many babies as they want to with as many women as they wish and society clapping them on the back for being 'studly'...But the woman is 'the irresponsible one' in the way society reacts and treats her...

Nearly every living thing on the planet works like that. From plants up. The males try their best to spread the seed and the females are supposed to have a process that weeds out the weaker genetic material. Human females seem to gravititate to the losers fro some reason. Who is more irresponsible? The woman who sleeps with a man who has no intention of taking care of her or her possible offspring, or the man who just wants a nice warm place to store his penis for a few minutes but has no real care about anything beyond that?
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