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Default Re: Why one Muslim girl became a born-again virgin for her wedding night

Originally Posted by AlicornsPrayer View Post
A man can impregenate more women in the 9 months it takes for a woman to have a baby, then a woman can 'drop kids like puppies' in her lifetime.

And thing is, the man who is permiscous and sleeping with several women rarely if ever takes responsibility of the kids he's possibly creating or has created in such a manner...

He's the one with the sperm...So he's just as responsible for keeping it in his pants, if not more so, then the woman.

But society gives men a free pass to be irresponsible while ostrisizing the woman for the man's actions...Double standard and pathetic. Especially in light that we're supposed to be a 'civilized' society that says women are to be treated equally to men in regards to such matters...
And now you have answered your own question of why there is a double standard. Thanks.

Women have the onus to decide what to do with the pregnancy...period. Be it abortion, adoption, keeping it or whatever. You wanna talk about a double standard? There are NO easy options. But you would think that women would place the most important one, "who" they let deposit their sperm inside her, at a VERY high standard. Unfortunately many don't.....

Biology doesn't treat women equally. And the reproductive responsibility isn't distributed equally either.

If a woman wants to be a sperm receptacle, that's on her. But for many men, that's about all she is for that night(or 3 minutes). The ramifications are much more severe for the female. And no amount of social engineering is gonna rectify it.
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