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Default Re: Why one Muslim girl became a born-again virgin for her wedding night

Originally Posted by fxashun View Post
You can look at it a few ways...
From a "choice" standpoint a woman should be able to drop kids like puppies. It's her body....

But from a standpoint of making sure kids have a decent life and real support...A single mother should have a stigma attached to it. Life is hard enough with two parents, but a single woman who gets knocked up should be frowned upon. Lest you end up with abortion, adoption, poverty, and high taxes on those that actually pay them.
A man can impregenate more women in the 9 months it takes for a woman to have a baby, then a woman can 'drop kids like puppies' in her lifetime.

And thing is, the man who is permiscous and sleeping with several women rarely if ever takes responsibility of the kids he's possibly creating or has created in such a manner...

He's the one with the sperm...So he's just as responsible for keeping it in his pants, if not more so, then the woman.

But society gives men a free pass to be irresponsible while ostrisizing the woman for the man's actions...Double standard and pathetic. Especially in light that we're supposed to be a 'civilized' society that says women are to be treated equally to men in regards to such matters...
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