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Default Re: Why one Muslim girl became a born-again virgin for her wedding night

Originally Posted by KnightOfSappho View Post
Unfortunately, there are assorted cultures that do horrible things in the name of religion.

Children are targets of Nigerian witch hunt | World | The Observer
Yep...That's the truth. And thing is...It's also a social phenominon, not just a religious one.

Jewish traditions in some countries, still hold to to the tradition of stoning a girl if she's thought to have had pre-maritial sex and broken her 'marriage contract'...In Asian countries young girls are killed by their parents if the parents feel that the young girl has lost her virginity outside of marriage. Certain African tribal customs hold a similar viewpoint in regards/reactions to the issue of 'purity' of the bride...And in Western cultures(especially the US) there's been instances that because of that religous punishment, some girls have resorted to suicide rather then live with that type of punishment...Or killed their new born to hide from family/congregation that they weren't 'chaste/pure' anymore.

Seems to me, that irregardless of society/culture/religious views, we still have a ways to go ourselves before we start passing judgement on how another society/culture/religion acts/does within their own...

And even though Western culture considers these acts 'barbarious' now and have a more 'modern' approach to sexuality, that still doesn't stop from girls being obstricized from a family/community because they participated in pre-maritial sex...They may not have a physical death, but the way they are treated by family and congregation results in an emotional/spritual killing for 'being unpure'...

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